We are packing up to get ready to begin construction.

A group of dedicated volunteers took on the task of removing much of the plaques, art work and stained glass windows (the later with some professional help) as well as cleaning out all of the kitchen.

Thanks to Harold Farin for coordinating this vital work.  All those helping today felt a sense of history as they  removed each item for storage in preparation for the building of our new “home.”  As one of the volunteers said: “End of one building and soon to start the beginning of a new building.  Glad to be a part of this.”

Ron Marr carefully prepares the windows for removal 12/13/10

Packing up all our treasures 12/13/10

50 years of stuff – where to begin??? 12/13/10

Many thanks to those who helped: Mickey Sherry, Ron Marr, Cliff Farin, Phil Levy, Marc Cohen, Geri Riffle, Judy Smith, Howard Tomar, Rosemary Ruoff (kitchen patrol- on her own this week).  Special thanks to Cliff Farin for driving the huge truck. We must again thank Jeff and Nita Shapiro, Tiger and Millie Wolpert, Ben Gubar and Art and Barbara Cohen, for providing storage space for our stuff.

rgv 12/13/10  photos by Marcie Deutsch