Rebuild Project

The JCC is pleased to announce that it has selected the Bannett Group, LTD, of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, to build the new Jewish Community Center. We have a target date for building completion by 2011’s high holidays.

The Bannett Group is experienced when it comes to constructing synagogues, and has already worked on projects near shore areas. As well, they are familiar with building amid challenging elements, including multiple snowstorms. Mr. Craig W. Brearley, Architect has and shall support our project through completion.

This is an exciting project, and without question, all JCC members will feel pride upon its completion. To make this project a reality, we had to borrow $500,000 from members; the balance was achieved through intensive fundraising efforts. After many years of work on this project, it is finally underway. All loans have been repaid.

My utmost thanks and appreciation are owed to the following individuals for their contributions:

Ed Dreyfus, who was the originator of this current project. Personal matters have prevented Ed from focusing all his efforts on this pursuit, so he handed over the day-to-day responsibilities to me. Regardless, Ed is still active in the project, and makes certain that I stay the course.

Don Pripstein, for his wisdom and tenacity, and for keeping things together when tensions mounted.

Harold Farin, who worked diligently on the relocation of our precious artifacts, as well as the relocation of our personnel, services, and all other JCC items.

Rose Valentine, for her outstanding accomplishment of raising enough money to place this project within our reach.

Stu Snyder, who worked on the legal aspects of this undertaking. Stu’s broad background and expertise in Real Estate resulted in an ironclad contract, along with impressively detailed  architectural plans and drawings.

Eileen Levin, for her marshaling of resources and her noble battle on behalf of the Sisterhood, for the sake of avoiding compromise on the size and style of the kitchen.

Tiger Wolpert, for his insight into the “energy/green” designs and his religiously significant suggestions, as well as for providing valued historical resonance related to previous plans for a new structure.

Sherry Fruchterman, for her boundless design talents, which stand to deliver a beautiful building within our monetary guidelines.

Henry Medvin and Judith Pripstein for their work and contributions to the combined library/boardroom and classrooms.

The Board of Trustees, for acting swiftly and diligently while representing the interests of the entire congregation.

As we celebrate, remember: The breaking of the ground for this new building is just the beginning of a long-term process. Our fundraising endeavors will persist, as we are obliged to pay our lenders back within a reasonable period of time.

At the present juncture, we can all proudly say that we were part of an historical event that will have a lasting impact on the Jewish community of Long Beach Island and the nearby mainland for generations to come.

The contract has been signed and demolition began on February 28,2011

Jeffrey Shapiro, 1.13.11