Torah Reading Classes

torah 7a  Chanting from the Torah is really not difficult at all! In fact, if you can sing the Shema, then you’re well on your way! In a relaxed/informal setting, this class will teach the fundamentals of Torah reading; the organization of the Torah portions, the history of trope (“musical notation”), and actual training in how to read and chant any verse, Participants, if they so desire, will be given the opportunity to actually “strut their stuff” and read Torah as part of a regular Shabbat or holiday service this summer.

When:    Fridays; June 27 – Aug 1

Time:      9:30AM – 11:00AM

Where:  JCC of LBI , 2411 Long Beach Blvd. , Spray Beach, NJ

Fee:       No fee


torah 8aa For more information or to reserve your space, please contact Howard Hait

  Email:; Phone:  302-588- 0399