Introduction to Meditation Class

yoga dude2    An introductory level class offering people an initial exposure to the wonderful practice of calming one’s mind, and working towards better health and happiness. It will make a connection to a divine power but remain non denominational. Attendees will learn about proper breathing techniques, chanting, guided imagery and how to use meditation to induce better sleep and reduce stress. In order to accommodate those who may be less flexible, we will meet in the library and sit in chairs. Please arrive early as it is distracting to have people enter the room once we have begun. Space is limited!

Please bring a lap blanket, wear shoes you can easily slip on and off and comfortable clothing with a loose waste band. Kindly refrain from wearing strong perfume.

Instructor:   Susan Sheehan, RN, MSN

 When:          Tuesdays; July 1st- August 5th

 Time:            9:00-10:00

 FEE:             $12/Members per session; $15/Non-members per session

                      $65/Members per season;  $75/Non-members per season