Eric Mandel

Dr eric mandel   Dr. Eric Mandel is the founder and Director of MEPIN™ (Middle East Political and Information Network™), a private Middle East research analysis that is read by members of Congress, their foreign policy legislative aides, members of the Knesset, journalists, and Jewish organizational leaders. Dr. Mandel regularly briefs members of Congress and their staffs in Washington about the current political situation, and often meets with members of the Israeli leadership and their advisors.  His briefing series in Washington is entitled “Beyond the Talking Points.” He is a former political chair for AIPAC in New York, and is the co founder of the Five Synagogues of White Plains Israel Action Committee, which comprises 5 synagogues of four denominations (Orthodox, Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist) all working for Israel.


He is the Northeast Co-Chair of StandWithUs, an international organization dedicated to educating the public about Israel to create an army of educators who counter anti-Israeli propaganda and the BDS movement (Boycott, Divest and Sanction).  His work focuses on speaking at universities, high schools, synagogues, and interfaith education.


His most recently published articles are, “The Palestinian Narrative: The Missing Link in the Peace Process,” “Consequences to Palestinian Unilateral Actions”, “Young American Jews and Israel”, “Israel in the Public Eye”, and “What Occupation Means Depends Upon Who is Speaking”, which have appeared in newspapers across the nation.  He frequently moderates debates and forums. Which have included Malcolm Hoenlein (Executive VP Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations), JJ Goldberg (Editor, The Forward), Bret Stephens (Global View, Wall Street Journal), Jonathan Tobin (Editor, Commentary Magazine), and Aaron David Miller (Distinguished Scholar and VP Woodrow Wilson International Center).

Finally, Dr. Mandel organizes yearly educational seminars in Israel. Recent topics have included,

  •  “New Strategic Paradigms Post Arab Spring”
  • “Between Athens and Sparta: The IDF and Civil Society in Israel”
  • “Zionism Not Through Rose Colored Glasses”
  • “Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria”
  • “Strategic Depth in the Age of Missiles”
  • “The State of Judaism in the Jewish State.”
  • The Eternal Triangle: Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority

Dr. Mandel is one of the pioneers of laser vision correction and an internationally recognized and published corneal micro surgeon. He won the William Warner Hoppin Award presented by the New York Academy of Medicine for pioneering excimer laser research, and the Burroughs Wellcome Fellowship for laser research at Harvard’s Howe Ocular Laser Research Laboratory. Dr. Mandel has been selected as one of America’s Top Laser Vision Surgeons for fourteen consecutive years.