Philip Kruger is a congregant at Congregation Agudath Israel in Caldwell, NJ. He is a CPA and practices accounting in Clifton, NJ with his wife Judy. He is a student of Biblical Criticism and of the history and theology of late Second Temple Judaism. He likes to read and he has facilitated a series of interfaith text study sessions for Christians, Jews and Moslems and has led guided discussions both in Caldwell and elsewhere of Richard Elliot Friedman’s Who Wrote the Bible?, Lawrence Schiffman’s Who Was a Jew?, Sidnie White Crawford’s Rewritten Scriptures in Second Temple Times, Peter Schafer’s Jesus in the Talmud and Daniel Boyarin’s The Jewish Gospels. He is presently leading a series of guided discussions in Caldwell based upon Peter Schafer’s The Jewish Jesus and Alan Segal’s Two Powers in Heaven. His interests are eclectic: He has produced an interfaith concert featuring a jam sessions between Persian and Turkish Sufi musicians and Jewish klezmer instrumentalists and has moderated a discussion between Dead Sea Scroll scholars Lawrence Schiffman of Yeshiva University and James VanderKam of the University of Notre Dame. He advocates that the Conservative Movement refocus serious Jewish learning to local synagogues and communities.

Last year, Phil Kruger, a student of Biblical criticism, introduced us to the implications of biblical criticism on our belief in who wrote the Bible.