Book Club and Review

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a new release called Nothing is Forgotten by Peter Golden.
Some reviews:
— “…a Russian nesting doll of plot twists across continents and decades. This cleverly constructed Cold War tale, based on gripping true events, keeps readers eagerly anticipating what lies at its heart.”  — Sarah McCoy, internationally bestselling author of The Mapmaker’s Children
— “Historical fiction at its finest, this sweeping tale full of humor and heartbreak takes us on a journey to explore how inherited histories can follow us through generations and redefine families.” — Karin Tanabe, author of The Diplomat’s Daughter
The August meeting date is Monday, August 13th, at 10:30am in the JCC of LBI library. Please let me know if you know of anyone who may be interested in being added to this group. Thanks!
Happy reading!
Paula Hait

Final Book Club September 17th

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