Back row: Ed Dreyfus, Stuart Snyder, Jeff Shapiro:Chair, Don Pripstein, Sol Yarmush
Front Row: Eileen Levin, Rose Valentine, Sheri Fruchterman, Harold Farin
(Tiger Wolpert missing)

Jeff Shapiro, Chairperson

Edward Dreyfus, Advisor to the Chairperson


Sub-committee Assignments

Capital Campaign Support

  • Jeff Shapiro, Chair
  • Lionel Wolpert


  • Jeff Shapiro, Chair

Surveys, Permits, Contracts

  • Stuart Snyder
  • Basil Karp

Architect Building Design & Layout

  • Ed Dreyfus, Chair
  • Don Pripstein
  • Lionel Wolpert
  • Rabbi Jack Friedman
  • Harold Farin

Green Building, Lighting/ Security Systems

  • Lionel Wolpert, Chair
  • Ronald Marr
  • Ken Abend

Beautification Coordination

  • Sherry Fruchterman, Chair
  • Rose Valentine

Office & Gallery Design

  • Sherry Fructerman, Chair
  • Howard Fructerman
  • Harold Farin

Library / Class Room Design

  • Henry Medvin, Chair
  • Judith Pripstein
  • Karen Schwing
  • Lynn Berkowitz
  • Michelle Goldman

Kosher Kitchen & Pantry Design

  • Eileen Levin, Chair
  • Vivian Fitts

Demolition/Fence + Trailer Sale , Site Prep

  • Lionel Wolpert, Chair
  • Ken Abend

Contractor Evaluation/Selection/Negotiation

  • Ed Dreyfus, Chair
  • Stuart Snyder, Esq.
  • Don Pripstein
  • Jeff Shapiro
  • Lionel Wolpert

Artifact Removal/Storage/Re-install

  • Harold Farin

Low Voltage Committee

  • Harold Farin, Chair
  • Karen Schwing

 Construction Management/Inspection

  • Sol Yarmush


  • Rabbi Jacob Friedman


    Rose Valentine, Chairperson

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