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Lights of LifeCommunity Tree & Menorah Lighting at SOCMC 
Thursday, December 7

5:30 PM

Chanukah Visit to SOCMC 
Tuesday, December 12 
3:30 PM
Sisterhood Shabbat Chanukah Dinner 
Friday, December 15
Bringing Holiday Cheer to SOMC    
Christmas Day
10:00 AM
We are planning special Shabbats in the months to come.
Shabbat Dinners:
Friday, January 5 @6:00 PM
Friday, February 2 @6:00 PM

Friday, March 9 @ 6:00 PM

Shabbat and all the REST
One Shabbat a month, you can spend Saturday at the synagogue. There will be Torah Study @ 9; Services @10
In addition there will be a Cholent Lunch @12
Game Afternoon @ 1-3
Mah jongg lessons will be given.
No betting or money will be exchanged. 

You can participate in any or all of these activities.

November 18
December 16
January 20


WEEKLY Year Round Mah-jongg

starts up again on Wednesday, MAY 10 – 12:30 – 4:00 pm

Wednesdays 12:30 pm-4:00 pm at the Center;  just show up and bring your Mah-Jongg card.

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