Religious School

A Child’s Adventure into Jewish Heritage begins here

A Sunday learning experience beginning with Kindergarten discovering language, history, and traditions.

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Student Application Form 2015-2016 as a Word File

GETTING IN TOUCH WITH YOUR JEWISH SIDE! The JCC is sending out an open invitation to all Jewish young people over the age of 13 that want to spend some time with other Jewish youth from the Southern Ocean County area. We have successfully hosted such a group for the past 4 years and would like to invite others to join our group that meets on Sunday morning from 10 to 12 at the JCC. We discuss many topics anything from current events to Jewish history and holidays and planning of social events. We sometimes find ourselves in the kitchen or in the arts and crafts room but never bored.

Come Meet and Eat with other Jewish youth! For more information contact: Lynn Berkowitz at 609-709-3160



“Train a child in the way he/she should go and when he/she is older he/she will not be deterred from it.”

You can sponsor one of the following special events held by our Religious School.

Please call the office for further information!!!!

Full sponsorship is $200 per event, partial sponsorship is $100 per event.

Please send your contribution to the JCC OFFICE with a note as to what event(s) you would like to sponsor.  All donations of any size are much appreciated.

Religious School is back in session in the Fall

Mission Statement

The mission of the Religious School of the Jewish Community Center of Long Beach Island is to identify and prioritize the needs of the children in our geographic area, then to organize and implement those activities that will successfully impact them. The religious school by definition focuses on the Jewish educational needs but not to the exclusion of human services, family, and economic needs, as well as providing support for our Center, Israel and our community.


The Religious School Committee will determine the school policy. The Finance Committee will be responsible for preparing a budget for the Religious School.

Hiring and terminating of Personnel is the responsibility of the Religious School principal with the approval of the Religious School Committee. Those decisions will be based on annual evaluation forms and the results of periodic performance reviews. Curriculum is the responsibility of the Religious School staff in consultation with the Religious School Committee


1.  To educate our students in the spirit of Jewish tradition and the practice of Judaism

2.  To impart knowledge and awareness of the Torah and its significance as the foundation of the religious and ethical traditions of Judaism

3.  To instill the belief in one G_d through T’fillah (prayer), the celebration of Shabbat, the festivals, and the Jewish life cycle

4.  To impart knowledge of the land of Israel and the Hebrew language, and an appreciation for the significance of both in creating a bond among the Jewish people

5.  To develop within each child a sense of responsibility to the Jewish community through the performance of Mitzvot

6.  To enhance and foster strong Jewish identity and commitment to Synagogue and Jewish communal life

(Policy Handbook – Rabbi Friedman School of Jewish Studies)

Jewish Community Center of LBI

Religious School  New Program and Changes  Implemented August 2005

As accepted by the newly formed Religious School Committee.

1.  Attendance – 3 excused absences. Special Circumstances – assignments to make up work missed. Three excused absences for Thursday as well.

2.  Family Services – Bar Mitzvah Year Mandatory Either Friday or Saturday mornings during the 6 months prior to Bar/Bat Mitzvah

3.  Curriculum will include much more Hebrew to better prepare students for Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Certain prayers will be mandatory to learn for the service i.e. Ashrei.

4.  Membership at the Jewish Community Center is required for enrollment in Religious School. In the future a surcharge may be instituted for non-members. If there are financial burdens, as in the past, see Mrs. “B” and we will work out a payment plan.

5.  The Schedule for Religious School will be on Sunday from 9:30 to 12.